1.   How can I increase the size of the text to make it easier to read?
2.   What do I need to do to follow the links?
3.   How can I get help with other problems?

PROBLEM 1:     The text's font is too small. How can I make it easier to read?

You can
1.   change the size of what you see on the screen (see below), or
2.   copy what you see on the screen into a file (see below)
3.   use a screen magnifier (see below)

How to Change the Size of What You See on the Screen
This solution is easy and free. However, some of the material's formatting will be lost.

AOL Users:
*   Connect to the internet using AOL
*   Start Internet Explorer (IE)
*   Click on View in IE's menu bar
*   Move your mouse down to the Text Size option and then over to the Large or Largest option. Click on that option.

You might need to close your AOL window before this change can take effect. However, you shouldn't need to sign off or exit AOL.

If you need further help, call AOL's technical support number (1-800-827-3338). That is how I learned this trick.

Netscape Users:
*   select   Edit > Preferences > Appearances > Fonts
*   change the size of the default font

You might also want to select the option "use my default fonts, overriding document specified fonts"

How to Copy What You See on the Screen into a File
This solution is also free. However, it is tedious if you want to copy a lot of pages.

There are many ways to copy what what you see on the screen into a file. The easiest way for me is to
*   Click on the area you want to copy
*   Press Ctrl-A to select the entire area
*   Press Ctrl-C to copy that area to your clipboard
*   Switch to the file into which you want to paste this copy
*   Press Ctrl-V to paste the copy into your file

Once you have copied the text into your file, you can use your Word Processor to change its size.

How to Find a Screen Magnifier
This is probably the best solution if the cost is not prohibitive.

Search the Internet for "Screen Magnifier". Some results of my search included

PROBLEM 2:     I don't see how to follow the links? What do I need to do to follow them?

To get here, you have had to follow a link from the Directory. Other links there can be confusing. In particular, some links are indicated by an underlined asterisk * to the left of the text that describes the linked material. To follow such links, just click on the *.

Two other relevant observations:
*   Not all underlined text is linked.
*   The only links on many pages are the Next Page and Previous Page links displayed at the bottom of the sceen.