ID:          This article appears on pages 15-22 of the Bulletin of the AAPL, Vol IX, No. 1.  The AAPL is the
             American Academy of Psychiatry and Law.   Dr. Perr served as its president during the mid-1980s.
Subject:     Definition of Undue Influence (Comparing and contrasting fraud, duress, and undue influence)
Contents:    *  Page 17:  Presumptions of Proof and the Weight of the Evidence
             *  Page 19:  Case 1
             *  Page 20:  Cases 2 and 3
             *  Page 22:  Summary
Comment:     A will can be voided for various reasons.  This article's central theme is that "The issue
             of undue influence ... is important in that a mental condition that does not reach the level
             necessary to justify a finding of testamentary incapacity may, in combination with other
             circumstances, result in the voiding of a will."